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  Year : 2012 | Vol. 4 | Issue 5 : Page : 4-8
A Cephalometric Study Of Frontal Sinus And Its Relation With Craniofacial Patterns

Anil Prashar 1 , Vijay P. Sharma 2 , G.K. Singh 3 , Gyan Prakash Singh 4 , Navneet Sharma 5 , Harpal Singh 6

Address For Correspondence
Dr. Anil Prashar,
House no. NN-422, Gopal Nagar, Jalandhar City,
Punjab 144008.
Cell no : +91-9915492892
E-mail :

Objective: The aim of this project was to analyze the size of frontal sinus in different craniofacial patterns and to assess its correlation with excessive or deficient mandibular growth. Results: The mean value of Frontal Sinus Area was significantly (p<.001) higher in skeletal Class III (310.5068.07) as compared to Skeletal Class I (203.3366.02) and Skeletal Class II (219.0762.83). There was no significant difference in the Frontal Sinus Area in vertical craniofacial groups. Positive correlations, though with variable significant values in different skeletal classes, were found with effective maxillary length, effective mandibular length, symphysis width, condylar length. Conclusions: 1) Frontal Sinus Area tended to be larger in individuals having skeletal Class III malocclusion as compared to skeletal Class I and Class II malocclusions. 2) No significant variations was found in individuals with Hypodivergent, Normodivergent and Hyperdivergent facial forms. 3) Large Frontal Sinuses were associated with large mandibles, irrespective of their positional relationship to the cranial base and growth direction.

Frontal Sinus, Craniofacial Patterns, Mandibular Growth

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