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Ahead of Print for ( December 2014 ) Issue

Article id : 6
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Atmospheric pressure: A means of retentive attachment of denture base to mucoperiosteum.
Author : Talib Amin 1 , Sandeep Kour Bali 2 , Sabzar Abdullah 3 , Iqbal Singh 4

Abstract : At rest the pressure of the atmosphere has commonly been claimed to be an aspect of complete denture retention, but this is readily shown to be false. Atmospheric pressure is an important factor in c
Keywords : Atmospheric pressure, vacuum, suction cup, peripheral seal, retention, surface tension, rarefied air spaces.

Article id : 67
Article Type : Original Articles
Author : Praveen 1 , Sharanappa Kambale 2 , Jagadeesh Gajapurada 3 , Vijaylaxmi Mendigeri 4

Abstract : Background: The prevalence of work- related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in dentists is high and ranges between 64% and 93%. The most effected regions have been back and neck. Various studies have
Keywords : Musculoskeletal, Dentists, Ergonomics, Medication, Working hours.

Article id : 76
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Assessment of Consumers’ Attitude Towards Dental Advertisement
Author : G.N.Kaibasappa 1 , SUJATHA. A 2

Abstract : Background: Advertisement is the one of the main tool of marketing. Public use marketing for their successful business, of late health care professionals is into marketing for various reasons; dental
Keywords : Marketing, Dentistry,Public,Attitude.

Article id : 105
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Comparative clinical evaluation of coronally positioned flap in the treatment of cervical lesions restored with Resin modified glass ionomer cement versus controls
Author : Rohit Chauhan 1 , Komal Puri 2 , soni chauhan 3 , Nikhil Puri 4

Abstract : Background: One of the main objectives of periodontal reconstructive surgery is the coverage of exposed root surfaces. On some occasions, where caries, root resorption, or any form of restoration exis
Keywords : gingival recession, coronally positioned flap, cervical abrasion, resin modified glass ionomer cement

Article id : 504
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Prevalence pattern of dental caries in rural population of Punjab (India)
Author : Yasmin Grewal 1 , Karanpal Singh 2 , Manpreet Kaur 3 , Sandeep Singh 4 , Manpreet Kaur Narang 5 , Gurleen Kaur Saroya 6

Abstract : India being a developing country, confronts the issue of decayed teeth on a regular basis. However, baseline data on dentition status of rural population in Punjab is scarce. Methods: A descriptive cr
Keywords : Prevalence, Dental Caries, Rural, Punjab, DMFT, Oral Health, Treatment Need

Article id : 634
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Evaluation of various desensitizing agents in reducing dentin hypersensitivity using Scanning Electron Microscope: A comparative in vitro study.
Author : Praneet Dhillon 1 , Vivek Govila 2 , Vivek Govila 3 , Vivek Govila 4 , Sunil Verma 5

Abstract : BACK GROUND: Dentine hypersensitivity is a common complaint among patients. The acute, non-spontaneous, short or long lasting nature of pain requires a therapeutic mode which would bring about a signi
Keywords : Dentin Hypersensitivity, Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate, Pro-Argin, Diode Laser, Hydroxyapatite, Scanning Elcetron Microscope

Article id : 636
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Level of Cytokines in Gingival Crevicular Fluid and Blood of Aggressive Periodontitis cases: A Clinical Correlation.
Author : Akanksha Kashyap 1 , Vandana A Pant 2 , Vivek Govila 3 , AB Pant 4

Abstract : Host response plays a vital role in connective tissue and bone destruction in a reaction to bacterial invasion, where cytokines are produced in response to bacterial components and have an important m
Keywords : Aggressive periodontitis, cytokines, Gingival Crevicular Fluid, Peripheral Blood, Elisa

Article id : 678
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Comparative evaluation of the effect of different denture cleansers on the tensile bond strength of permanent soft liner to polymethyl methacrylate
Author : Shokhi Bansal 1 , Sumit Bansal 2 , Amrit Khosla 3 , Simranpreet Kaur 4

Abstract : Objectives - Storing of dentures in the denture cleansers containing sodium perborate or sodium hypochlorite has been advocated to prevent the bacterial growth, plaque accumulation & calculus formatio
Keywords : Poly Methyl Methacrylate, Denture cleansers, Tensile Bond Strength, Artificial saliva

Article id : 820
Article Type : Original Articles
Title : Effect of Four Root Canal Preparation Techniques on Root Fracture Susceptibility and Fracture Pattern – An invitro study
Author : Srinivas Panchajanya 1 , Raghu Srinivasan 2 , Shreetha Bhandary 3 , Champa C 4 , Savitha 5 , Jyothi R 6

Abstract : Aim: To assess the root fracture susceptibility and the fracture pattern following root canal preparation by four different techniques. Methodology: Fifty extracted mandibular first premolars were
Keywords : root fracture susceptibility, fracture pattern, automated root canal preparation

Article id : 19
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : Surgical endodontic treatment of a maxillary molar with sinus lift – a case report
Author : Ramesh babu.Y 1 , Thumu Jayaprakash 2

Abstract : The relation between the roots of the maxillary molars and premolars and the sinus has been studied by different authors. The roots of the maxillary first and second molars are in intimate relation to
Keywords : Maxillary first molar, Periapical surgery, Maxillary sinus, MTA

Article id : 38
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : Prosthetic Rehabilitation of an Adult Patient with Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia: A Clinical Report
Author : Ravneet Kaur 1 , Sarita Luthra 2 , Dr Jagmohanlal 3

Abstract : ABSTRACT Ectodermal dysplasia (ED) comprises a large, heterogeneous group of inherited disorders that are defined by primary defects in the development of two or more tissues derived from embryonic e
Keywords : KEY WORDS- Ectodermal dysplasia, hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, hypodontia, Christ-Siemens Tourine syndrome

Article id : 59
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : Modified Wire Mesh guide for Precise Miniscrew implant placement.
Author : Sashi Bhushan Ekka 1 , Abhinav Shrivastava 2 , Rajesh Balani 3 , Chandresh Shukla 4

Abstract : Optimal positioning has always been critical to the effectiveness of dental implants. The choice of location depends on the initial diagnosis, the purpose of the implant therapy, the proximity of adja

Article id : 501
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : An Innovative technique for fabrication of a hollow maxillary resection prosthesis: A Case Report
Author : Saurabh jain 1 , Saurabh Jain 2 , aparna aggarwal 3 , Sanath Shetty 4

Abstract : Oral rehabilitation of patients with acquired defects of the maxilla presents a challenging task for the maxillofacial prosthodontist. These goals are met by means of a maxillary resection prosthesis
Keywords : Acquired maxillary defect, hollow obturator, maxillary resection prosthesis, hollow maxillary resection prosthesis

Article id : 608
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : A case of unusual anatomy: Endodontic treatment of a mandibular second premolar with three canals.
Author : Damanpreet 1 , Ritu Batra 2

Abstract : Abnormalities in the root canal anatomy are a commonly occurring phenomenon. A thorough knowledge of the root canal anatomy and its variations is necessary for successful completion of the endodontic
Keywords : Mandibular second premolar, two roots, root canal treatment, modified access cavity.

Article id : 774
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : Coronoradicular Rehabilitation of a widened root canal treated tooth: A case report.
Author : Nardeep Singh 1 , Pardeep Verma, 2

Abstract : Cast post and core were considered the gold standard of treatment for badly broken down or weakened root canal treated teeth, little taking into consideration the effects these systems have on overall
Keywords : Corono-radicular, Light emitting plastic post, Glass fiber post, Monobloc

Article id : 775
Article Type : Case Reports
Author : sumit aggarwal 1 , VAIBHAV MISRA 2 , SHALU JAIN 3

Abstract : Preventive Prosthodontics empathasizes the importance of any procedure that can deay or eliminate future prosthodontics problems.Overlay dentures is a dental prosthesis that covers and is partially
Keywords : overlay denture, overdenture

Article id : 825
Article Type : Case Reports
Author : Tanu Nangia 1 , Kamini Rawat 2 , vikas setia 3

Abstract : Odontogenic anomalies can occur as a result of conjoining or twinning defects. The phenomenon of tooth fusion arises through union of two normally separated tooth germs, and depending upon the stage o
Keywords : fusion, two tooth rule

Article id : 834
Article Type : Case Reports
Title : Conventional Tooth Supported Overdentures- Case report : solutions for challenging situations.
Author : Pardeep verma 1 , Nidhi Mangtani Kalra 2 , Sandeep Kalra 3 , Shushant Garg 4

Abstract : Preservation of alveolar bone and maintenance of proprioception is the main aim of tooth supported overdenture. The other advantages are increased stability and retention of the prosthesis and patient
Keywords : coping retained, accesspost system, overdenture,

Article id : 861
Article Type : Case Reports
Author : Nishant 1 , Bimal Chandra Kirtaniya 2 , Amit Kumar Sharma 3

Abstract : Soft tissue enlargements of the oral cavity often present a diagnostic challenge because a diverse group of pathologic processes can produce such lesions. Within these lesions is a group of reactive h
Keywords : Pyogenic granuloma, Decidious Dentition, Excisional Surgery

Article id : 10
Article Type : A Review
Author : Teerthesh jain 1 , M.R.DHAKSHAINI 2 , Ranu Bhandari Jain 3 , RAGVENDRA SWAMY 4 , ANIL KUMAR GUGGARI 5 , S.M.A FEROZ 6

Abstract : Abstract The future of dental practice is closely linked to the utilization of computer-based technology, specifically virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) technologies have a strong impact on resea
Keywords : Key words: Virtual Articulator, Mechanical articulator, CAD-CAM, Dental Occlusion

Article id : 25
Article Type : A Review
Title : Dental Negligence and its Liabilities in a nutshell
Author : Jasuma J. Rai 1 , Rajesh V. Acharaya 2

Abstract : The dental profession holds a special level of trust with the patients; the profession makes a commitment to patient that they will adhere to high ethical standard of conduct. In recent times the dent
Keywords : Ethical principles, Dental Negligence, Civil liability, Criminal liability, litigations, Criminal negligence.

Article id : 46
Article Type : A Review
Author : arun singh 1 , Arun Singh*, Renuka Verma**, Ashutosh Agarwal***, Aditi Murari Agrawal*** 2

Abstract : Oral cancer appears to be increasing in incidence, and mortality has hardly improved over the past 25 years. Bet¬ter understanding of the aetiopathogenesis should lead to more accurate and earlier dia
Keywords : Oral Cancer, Carcinogenesis, Oncogenes & Tumour Suppressor Genes

Article id : 677
Article Type : A Review
Author : chetan Pathak 1 , Priyanka T S; Santhosh Doddamani; Rajan Gupta ;Salil Pawah;Amit Gupta 2

Abstract : Denture relining is a well known reparatory prosthetic procedure which provides an intimate contact between the denture base and the supporting tissues. Though they don’t fullfill all the clinical req
Keywords : Viscoelastic, Soft liners, Poly-ethylmethacrylate, Candida albicans

Article id : 688
Article Type : A Review
Author : Suchetha.A 1 , Koduru Sravani 2 , Darshan B Mundinamane 3 , Nanditha Chandran 4 , Apoorva S M 5

Abstract : The wear of teeth has become major factor limiting lifespans of dentition in mammalian population. Widely three different etiologies of tooth wear are recognized namely attrition, erosion and abrasion
Keywords : Abrasion, Attrition Erosion, Tooth wear,

Article id : 792
Article Type : A Review
Title : Treatment of Amelogenesis imperfecta: A literature review
Author : swathi sudhapalli 1 , Sruthi Keerthi sudhapalli 2 , S. Swarajya Bharathi 3 , Navneet sharma 4

Abstract : Amelogenesis imperfecta is a genetically inherited defect of enamel that affects both primary and permanent dentition and may be associated with other dental abnormalities and systemic syndromes. The
Keywords : Amelogenesis Imperfecta, Enamel Hypoplasia, Hereditary developmental defects of tooth, Full mouth rehabilitation, aesthetic rehabilitation.

Article id : 653
Article Type : Research
Author : Alpana Talukdar 1

Abstract : Background and objectives: Cigarette smoking is a modern day epidemic that poses substantial health problems.Smoking has an effect on the various metabolic and biological processes in the body includi
Keywords : Smoking, Cortisol, HPA axis, Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Article id : 867
Article Type : Research
Author : Dharmendra Chadalavada 1 , B.sarala kumari 2 , Sandhya.P.S 3

Abstract : Bonding and debonding are common procedures in daily orthodontic practice. Most orthodontists are unaware of which type of debonding forces causes the least damage to tooth structure. There are not ma
Keywords : Finite element analysis , Debonding forces , Orthodontic Debonding

Offline Article id : 581
Title : Insight into Temporomandibular joint dislocation and treatment perspectives- review
Author Name
Author Email ID
: Akhilesh verma -

Offline Article id : 18102014
Title : Immediate Surgical Repositioning with Root Canal Treatment Following Traumatic Intrusive Luxation: A Case Report
Author Name
Author Email ID
: Nidhi Sinha -

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