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Ahead of Print for ( September 2016 ) Issue

Article id : 1165
Article Type : Original Article
Title : Faciomandibular Asymmetry: an analysis of skeletal parameters and possible etiological factors
Author : Preeti Munjal 1 , Utreja Ashok 2 , Munjal Puneet 3 , Mittal Sunny 4 , Sunda Sangeeta 5

Abstract : Present study has been carried out in an attempt to study asymmetries of lower one-third of face in terms of etiological factors involved, kind of presentation that it may have and also to quantify th
Keywords : Faciomandibular Asymmetry.PA cephalograms, Lag period

Article id : 1391
Article Type : Original Article
Title : Analysis of serum Copper and Iron levels in Oral Submucous Fibrosis patients – a case control study
Author : Harshal Kumar 1 , Pramod Kumar 2 , Sandeep Jain 3

Abstract : Background: Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF) is a chronic debilitating disease and a potentially malignant disorder of the oral cavity. The pathogenesis of the disease is not well established. Trace elem
Keywords : Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF), potentially malignant disorder, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, Serum copper, Serum Iron, Clinical staging.

Article id : 1403
Article Type : Case Report
Title : Type I Neurofibrometosis with periodontal manifestations – A case report.
Author : Dr. Pramod Sharma 1 , Akshay Dhobley 2 , Harshal Kumar 3 , Sandeep Jain 4

Abstract : Abstract: Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) also known as von Recklinghausen´s disease is an autosomal dominant disease transmitted with a high degree of penetrance. The disease is expressed in differen
Keywords : Key words: Neurofibromatosis, Von Recklinghausen´s disease, neurofibromas.

Article id : 1415
Article Type : Case Report
Title : Hemisection: A Conservative Approach
Author : Capt. Anshul Arora 1 , ASHTHA ARYA. 2 , RAJNISH K SINGHAL 3 , RACHIT KHATANA 4

Abstract : Hemisection denotes the removal of compromised root and the associated crown portion with the loss of periodontal attachment and is performed to maintain the original tooth structure and attain the fi
Keywords : Key words: Hemisection, Mandibular Molar, Resection, Furcation

Article id : 1188
Article Type : Review Article
Title : Peri-implantitis: newer treatment concepts
Author : Rachna jain 1 , Daljit Kapoor 2 , NITIN SONI 3

Abstract : Dental implants have become an indispensable established therapy for the replacement of missing teeth in different clinical situations. However, even an implant with successful osseointegration can d
Keywords : dental implants ,osseointegration, peri-implantitis, complications.

Article id : 1409
Article Type : Review Article

Abstract : The purpose of this review is to evaluate the previous studies that describe the effects of functional appliances and their efficiency in treating class II malocclusion. This review is limited to thre
Keywords : Activator, bionator, twin blocks.

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June 2016 | Vol. 8 - Issue 2

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